Money Lei Inspiration

What do you give to a teenage boy being promoted to high school? Cash is always a good option. However, I didn’t want to just throw cash in a card for my nephew. Since many of my coworkers also had upcoming graduations in their families, we were all talking about what would be a good gift. The conversation turned to leis; floral, candy, and dollars! That’s when it hit me! I could MAKE ONE!!! I had never made one before… how hard could it be? Well, I was about to find out. I searched YouTube and I found out just how involved it could be. I only had one night to do it, but I had my ace in the hole, my daughter Claire! She could help me… maybe! Well, I found a video that looked easy enough for me to adapt to my supplies on hand and I (and Claire) went to work. Alphabet beads would work as appropriate spacers! Also I cut colored paper in one of the school colors to add some interest. Claire and I folded the paper and the dollars and I went to work stringing everything together. Then we opened the dollar and paper fans and connected the ends together with some mini Glue(R) dots. Actually, Claire completed that step the next day while I was at work and brought it to the promotion ceremony. Doesn’t my nephew look happy about his gift? Wait until he has to undo it when he wants to use it!