Wanderlust 2016

One Collage by Deborah Fleming 11/28/2016

After I won a prize for my Tim Holtz tag in August 2015, I regained my confidence. Inspired by the joy of just creating the tag, and seeing the project through its evolutionary stages, I decided to join an online series of classes called Wanderlust 2016. I was looking for a way to bring art back into my life on a daily basis. It’s a wonderful series of classes about Art Journaling. There was access to over 20 artists as well as product expert reviews, challenges, and journal prompts contained in a nonjudgmental community. One of my favorite projects was called the One Collage, completed on a canvas, done in a series of prompts given over time, given every two weeks, but you could only spend no more than 5 minutes on each prompt. You didn’t know what the next prompt would be, so you had to just follow your intuition. It was a liberating experience. In the final stages, the entire piece was to be covered in white gesso! And I did it! I had become attached to my work, but I was able to let it go. Nothing is too precious in art or in life. What is important is the process, the journey, the experience. The photo is of my One Collage, before I covered it in gesso. #eaclasses #wanderlustclass

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  1. myvoices said:

    You did it! So glad you posted your Wanderlust 2016. And then you put Gesso on it!? Wow. Keep creating. Its in your DNA.

    June 13, 2017

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